Empower your ambassadors

Employee Advocacy: the next leap forward for your brand’s reach


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Employee Advocacy:
A win-win deal?

Ease the way your collaborators gather and create buzz around your brand

Help them improve their e-reputation and save time

Raise your social reach up to 1000 times more


92% of Internet users trust their social media relations more than anyone else


Your collaborators’ total organic reach is 10 times higher than your brand’s on average


Companies having a real Advocacy strategy get 25% extra leads compared to the ones that do not.


How it works


Sharee is available on desktop (platform) and mobile (iOS and Android apps)

AppStore : Sharee AdvocacyGooglePlay : Sharee Advocacy
AppStore : Sharee Advocacy
GooglePlay : Sharee Advocacy
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4 pillars
sharee advocacy

Agrégez tous les contenus de vos réseaux sociaux sur une plateforme d’employee advocacy


Retrieve your content from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or RSS flow (web). Label your content as private or public.

Organisez votre contenu Social Media selon des thématiques


Create tags to gather similar contents. Feed users with dedicated content. Add specific content manually.

4 pillars

sharee advocacy

Vos ambassadeurs peuvent partager les contenus de la marque sur leurs propres réseaux sociaux


Public contents can be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, helping users develop their personal e-reputation easily.

Analysez et mesurez l’engagement de vos collaborateurs ambassadeurs sur les réseaux sociaux


Get the number of shares and measure the commitment of your ambassadors. Know what they like and who share the most

Main features

La plateforme d’employee advocacy est administrable par plusieurs administrateurs


Grant access to several admins

Ajoutez des utilisateurs très facilement et fédérez une vraie communauté d’ambassadeurs collaborateurs


Import and manage users the easiest way

Avec Sharee, définissez des groupes d’utilisateurs pour segmenter la diffusion de votre contenu


Create groups of users and choose the content they must or must not see

Gérez les contenus de votre plateforme d’employee advocacy en fonction de thématiques


Create tags (categories of content) so users will choose the ones they want to see

Les contenus proviennent de sources diverses comme un flux, rss, facebook, twitter, Linkedin ou instagram et peuvent être modérés


Moderate the contents and keep on eye on the shares

Les statistiques de la plateforme d’employee advocacy vous permettent d’incentiver vos collaborateurs


Follow the statistics, identify the ambassadors and the most shared contents

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Sharee makes sense for companies with 10 or more employees. It’s not a solution for youtubers.